Features of WARZONE RAT 1.40


1. Native, independent stub.

Stub of this RAT has been written in C++ which makes it independent from .NET Framework.

2. Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop feature is realized with a specially crafted VNC module.

3. Hidden Remote Desktop

HRDP module allows you to login to the remote machine without anyone knowing! Windows Account created by this module is automatically hidden from showing up on Windows Startup. It was created with the use of this wonderful GitHub.

4. Privilege Escalation

(UAC Bypass)
Privilege Escalation to Administrator is necessary to use the HRDP Module. It is optional and is executed on demand from the Graphical Interface of WARZONE. This feature has been tested and proven to work on Windows operating systems from Windows 7 to even the latest Windows 10. It is done using Windows Update.

5. Remote WebCam

If the remote computer has a webcam connected, you can view the stream live in the Remote WebCam module.

6. Password Recovery

Grabs passwords from the following browsers:
- Chrome,
- Firefox,
- Internet Explorer,
- Edge,
- Outlook,
- Thunderbird
- Foxmail
Enable Automatic Password Recovery to receive passwords without touching any buttons!

7. File Manager

Upload and Download files at high speed. You can also execute and delete files.

You can Download & Upload files of any size without a problem. You can execute files remotely as well.

8. Download & Execute

Get a direct download link of your file and execute it on the remote computer.

9. Live Keylogger

You can view the keys pressed on remote computer in real time.

10. Remote Shell

Send commands to the remote computer's CMD.

11. Process Manager

View and kill processes using Process Manager.

12. Reverse Proxy

Browse the Internet with the remote computer's IP address!

13. Offline Keylogger

Keylogs are being saved all the time!